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When It’s Us Vs Alienware, It’s Not Even a Competition

Get the right tools for the job. Don’t show up for a LOL pub stomp with a slow, clunky machine that’ll cost you gold, deaths and respect, shop with Origin and make sure you’re dominating. Completely customisable inside and out, these are the systems you need to take your game to the next level.

Equipped with the latest graphic cards, CPUs and more memory than you’ll ever need and hand-built by our experienced technicians, they’re a world apart from an off-the-rack Alienware. Hand-tuned and thermally optimised for the very best performance, a lot of love goes into each and every Origin machine before it leaves the factory, ensuring that it’s in top condition when it comes out of the box.

Be the deadliest LOL player around and get that pentakill

A bit of lag because of a network issue, a stutter thanks to overheating; these could all cost you the best game of the month. Don’t let your tools get in the way of your success; ensure the only thing standing between you and the win is the other team.

Whether your game is LOL, CS:GO, DOTA2 or you just want to play the latest single-player games with the most beautiful graphics, Origin is the company for you. We can give you the very best system available so you perform at your best.

The power of Alienware with the customisation you need

Make your Origin computer yours inside and out. Choose from our enormous range of parts or place a special order for your own. Pick your chassis colour and dress your new rig up in custom LEDs.

Order today through our online store, or get in touch with our professional team on (+852) 5808 3355 or and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Compare us to the competition

ORIGIN PC Alienware OEM Builders Build it Yourself
At your own risk
Lifetime Free Labor
Supported in the Australia
A- Better Business Bureau Rating *
All Name Brand High-Quality Components
Choose any Chassis on the Market (Desktops)
Over 10,000 Configuration Options
Professional Overclocking up to 5.2GHz
Complete CPU and GPU Liquid Cooling Setup/Support
Fully Upgradeable Chassis and Components
Up to 4-WAY SLI Support
No Dead Pixels Guarantee (Laptops)
Custom Airbrushing by World Renowned Artists
Expert Wiring for best Thermal Performance
Built and Supported by Professional Hardware Enthusiasts
Professional 2 Weeks Stress Testing and Burn In Period
Wooden Crate Shipping Protection Best Gaming PC under $1500 2012

* Depends on the Builder

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