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Against Alienware Computers, The Difference Is Clear

Power, personalised. An Origin laptop or desktop isn’t just one of the most formidable units on the market, it’s a opportunity to create your own tool. Don’t buy an off-the-rack Alienware PC. Get a machine that’s truly your own, built from the ground up to your specifications.

Whether you’re looking to get the best graphics on a budget or the sky’s the limit, we can help. Offering you everything from modestly priced but powerful mainstream graphics cards to dual Nvidea Titans for 12GB of ultimate power, you’ll have the choice to mould your machine into exactly what you want.

More power than Apple, more personal than an Alienware PC

Whether you’re after the portable and powerful EON 17-X or the fully loaded Genesis, Origin computers are the perfect way to game. Choose your components from one of the largest and most up-to-date ranges on the planet, or get the Origin Difference and make a special request for us to source a one-off piece to complete your rig. Customise your machine with the paintjob of your choice, and throw in some beautiful case lighting for the finishing touch.

It’s not just great parts that go into making a fantastic computer, it’s skilled labour. The best part about buying with us is you know you’re working with a knowledgeable team. All of our machines are hand-built by experts for the very best thermal optimisation and parts longevity. For a little extra, you can have our professional technicians work their magic on your new machine, precisely overclocking and tuning it for the very best performance.

Discover why more people are choosing us over Samsung, Asus and Alienware computers

Get in touch today and discover how an Origin machine could change the way you game. Make an order through our online store or speak to our team at or over the phone on .

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ORIGIN PC Alienware OEM Builders Build it Yourself
At your own risk
Lifetime Free Labor
Supported in the Australia
A- Better Business Bureau Rating *
All Name Brand High-Quality Components
Choose any Chassis on the Market (Desktops)
Over 10,000 Configuration Options
Professional Overclocking up to 5.2GHz
Complete CPU and GPU Liquid Cooling Setup/Support
Fully Upgradeable Chassis and Components
Up to 4-WAY SLI Support
No Dead Pixels Guarantee (Laptops)
Custom Airbrushing by World Renowned Artists
Expert Wiring for best Thermal Performance
Built and Supported by Professional Hardware Enthusiasts
Professional 2 Weeks Stress Testing and Burn In Period
Wooden Crate Shipping Protection Best Gaming PC under $1500 2012

* Depends on the Builder

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