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The Perfect Gaming PC for GTA 5, FIFA and LOL

The only thing worse than losing a game because of something you did is losing it because of something out of your control. Get rid of the network lag and ditch the stuttering from overheating with Origin’s professionally-built systems. Made from the best-quality components on the market and meticulously assembled by our expert team, our machines deliver the ultimate in build quality and parts, at a budget that’s perfectly suited to you.

Why buy an Alienware when you could have an Origin?

If you’re buying a suit, you’d want it to be tailored to you. Alienware computers may run GTA 5, Assassin’s Creed and all the latest games, but they force you into their system. You’ll pay for things you don’t need and miss out on things you do. At Origin, we think you should be able to get the power and convenience of an Alienware machine without the hassle of building your own.

Whether you want yours to be perfectly tuned to play this year’s FIFA or want a rock-solid network connection for endless games of CS:GO, LOL and DOTA2, we have you covered. Customise every aspect of your machine from the guts to the paintjob and the external lighting. There’ll be mistaking your box for someone else’s at the LAN.

The gaming PC that lets you do more

At Origin, our goal is always giving our customers more. Want your favourite FIFA team colours airbrushed on? Can do. Need the fastest, most reliable network adaptor available so your LOL ping never hits triple digits? Just ask.

Order online through our handy web store or make an enquiry today over the phone on and get the answers you need. No one walks away from us unhappy.

Compare us to the competition

ORIGIN PC Alienware OEM Builders Build it Yourself
At your own risk
Lifetime Free Labor
Supported in the Australia
A- Better Business Bureau Rating *
All Name Brand High-Quality Components
Choose any Chassis on the Market (Desktops)
Over 10,000 Configuration Options
Professional Overclocking up to 5.2GHz
Complete CPU and GPU Liquid Cooling Setup/Support
Fully Upgradeable Chassis and Components
Up to 4-WAY SLI Support
No Dead Pixels Guarantee (Laptops)
Custom Airbrushing by World Renowned Artists
Expert Wiring for best Thermal Performance
Built and Supported by Professional Hardware Enthusiasts
Professional 2 Weeks Stress Testing and Burn In Period
Wooden Crate Shipping Protection Best Gaming PC under $1500 2012

* Depends on the Builder

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